What Was Indosat’s #Brikpiknik All About?

Brikpiknik Jogja minifig set| Deddy Avianto

Brikpiknik Jogja minifig set | Deddy Avianto

Between August and September Indosat Ooredoo ran an interesting, and sometimes puzzling series of trips under the banner Brikpiknik. The travel series involved sending groups of people to various destinations across Java and Bali and inviting them to create a boatload of multimedia content.

The company commissioned three trips, each of which consisted of fifteen people split into three groups whereby the participants were required to produce and present photos and videos about their experiences from the trip. Each trip was documented through the @brikpiknik Twitter account as well as posted on the blog, and on each participant’s personal social media accounts and blogs. It certainly helps that many of them are either public figures with large followings or people who actively share all kinds of content in social media and engage well with others.

Hera Laxmi Devi Septiani, head of digital marketing at Indosat Ooredoo was gracious enough to share the thinking behind commissioning the trips.

“The idea to run this program came from Indosat as a way for us to get to know key opinion leaders in the digital world, or digital society as we call it,” she said. “When we had this idea, we brought on Oom Ded [software evangelist and content producer Deddy Avianto –Ed] to help run the program.”

During the series of discussions, the idea of a typical gathering with several dozen participants evolved into #brikpiknik to have more effective results with a much longer lasting impact. “In having an event format like #brikpiknik, we didn’t just have a good time but also received new knowledge about content creation through collective sharing,” she explained. The Lego minifigs were brought in by Avianto to enhance the sense of creativity and fun into the program, which paved the way for the name brikpiknik.

Participants were each given an Indosat number to use during the program partly as a way to check network connectivity. If nobody has problems uploading content over the network then that’s a win for the company, Avianto told AdDiction. “After all, these people would be among the first to complain about network issues,” he explained. Participants in each team were selected based on specific technical and interpersonal skills to ensure a balanced group that can complete the challenges presented during the program.

“For Indosat,” Septiani said, “the benefits are clear.” To start with, the program allowed the company to engage much more closely with people who are active and well known in the digital scene. #brikpiknik over time became a well received brand associated with Indosat across multiple consumer segments with a very high volume and engagement rate.

At each destination, the groups participated in a number of workshops, and received updates about Indosat’s upcoming strategies and intentions. Given that Indosat had been very quiet in recent years and slipped to number three behind Telkomsel and XL Axiata, this event was a sign that it was planning a roaring come back.

The company’s surveys found that the perception of #brikpiknik among online consumers had been very positive which led many to be interested in participating. It’s a very attractive and highly sought program which brought an extraordinary level of appreciation to Indosat as the organizer.

For the participants themselves, the program allowed them to have a productive and well spent holiday in several domestic destinations and expand their networks. The fact that they had multiple tasks to finish before a certain deadline was a surprise for the first group but it led to an increasing interest from those who had been following the event. It also introduced many tourist attractions, venues, and all sorts of different locations across the islands, some of which were not that familiar for many people to begin with.

Given the favorable results, Indosat Ooredoo plans to maintain the program and introduce variations in the future as need be to offer better value and deliver the intended outcomes.

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