Aqua and VML Launched Instagram Scavenger Hunt

Aqua Instagram

In November VML QAIS launched what it claims to be Indonesia’s first Instagram photo hunt as part of the activation campaign for Aqua, Danone’s bottled water brand. The aim of the multi-part photo hunt is to reinforce the idea of keeping proper hydration levels to maintain focus and concentration. Participants are offered a number of different prizes for each stage of the challenge.

The activities required participants to follow Aqua’s official Instagram account and the instructions given there to take part in the scavenger hunt, the clues and further instructions of which are contained in a different account. Participants must discover hidden objects scattered across several images and notify the admin once they have found them.

For Aqua’s brand manager Gistang Nababan, this scavenger hunt is an important move for the brand to deliver “good quality branded content” on Instagram and differentiate itself from other brands and uses of social media.

Piotr Jakubowski, head of digital at VML Qais Indonesia said, “We are always striving to explore new ways of leveraging popular platforms, such as the CocaPina Bookmarklet game and keyword pre-roll ads, and this campaign is yet another example of innovation in action.”

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